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This is the first blog post that I am writing and the goal is to provide useful way to leverage technology. I hope to provide insights on the following:

Strategies for Information Technology (IT): The next big trend is a movement towards cloud computing versus the traditional client-server model. I want to look at it from the vantage point of ‘the cost for adding innovation.’ Since I have experienced the world of manufacturing, ERP and cloud computing, it should be fun to see where we are headed with IT.

Life Sciences: During my stay with SAP, and in conjunction with several colleagues, the notion of targeted treatments or ‘Personalized Medicine’ was something that I worked on as an IT strategy. Some companies have got this as part of their mission and values for their organizations. How can companies leverage the tenets of ERP to cover all areas of a company’s business processes? In case you are wondering there are certain treatments classified under Personalized Medicine now available. So does this work for all medications and therapeutic areas? How does this shift in treating patients alter healthcare costs? Can IT play a role in all this?

Social Media: When do I go on Facebook? Will these tools help me in this current economic environment? How can I make the most out of these tools? Where do I go to get started? With so many of our youth entering the job market and having been brought up with the internet and texting just being familiar with these tools may help you understand what this change is all about. Just by reading this your already into Social Media.

I hope to leverage what I do best and that’s taking complex things and making it simple enough for us to gain value and have an impact on the way we look at technology. Whether you’re doing this for your personal career, looking for ways to elevate your company’s products, I hope to provide something useful for you. I am always open to comments and suggestions on how technology to make technology more useful……

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Thanks, Jim


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